Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Music @ Work

"there's music out there laying in wait
to pounce and drain every ounce if you
wait or hesitate...
and music that'll help you be tough
and come together on more than Springsteen,
though most days it's been enough
then there's music that can take you away"

-Tragically Hip, 'Use It Up'

Thus, with the above credo, I begin my work. The title of this blog is the title of this blog's mission, which is to provide a weekly refresher on interesting new bands or artists or, occasionally, new albums or projects from established artists.

Traditionally, the latest albums and records were released at record stores and retailers on Tuesdays, perhaps to drum-up mid-week business, or to fully capture a holiday weekend that includes a Monday. For whatever reason, that's when it happened. But, these days, fewer people – like me – journey out to a record store to purchase new music, forgoing the traditional brick-and-mortar outlets for electronic venues like eMusic or iTunes. To recapture just a bit of that old spirit, I'll be picking a group or recording artist to profile with some degree of my own insight and analysis.

What is the criteria for which artists or bands will be selected? Simply, whatever I'm most interested in at the moment. This may coincide with a new release or an upcoming show I'm attending. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the selections as much as I do, and retain some faith that there will always be new horizions of rock music developing everywhere.

P.S. The initiation of this blog is no indication that work at You Look Like a Goddamn Idiot has been terminated. However, the intent here is certainly to post with a greater regularity since, you know, it's supposed to come out every Tuesday. We'll see if that indeed happens.

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